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C.R.E.A.T.E. Child Enrichment Center Parent Reviews

- CPR-Trained Staff 

- USDA Food Program Member

- Secure Building and Entrances

(402) 455-0269

Hours: Closed • Opens Mon 6:00 am

Here's what our parents are saying!

"Thanks again for everything. My kids love their daycare!"

- Keisha

"I just got to say how pleased I am with you wonderful ladies and staff; my kids love the center! I have no complaints and the communication skills are very strong and my kids have learned a lot since they have been coming. I am one pleased parent; it's not a daycare, it's an actual educational learning center. 10/10 stars from me."

- Brittany

"Most daycares only babysit the kids and barely do that! I have so much respect for CREATE Child Enrichment Center. Not only do they ACTUALLY educate the children but they help with potty training, take the children on field trips, give back to the parents, overall go above and beyond for their clients. Also, extremely respectful especially with their communication. At first I was tripping about how much I pay per month for daycare even considered switching daycares to save a few dollars however, you pay for what you get. I’d be darned to save a few bucks and my daughter isn’t receiving the upmost care.

Thank you all at CREATE. "

- Larissa

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